Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1018

Chapter 25


Attachment; receiver; appointment; oath; bond; accounting.

The court, or any judge thereof during vacation, may, on the application of the plaintiff and on good cause shown, appoint a receiver, who shall take an oath faithfully to discharge his duty, and shall give an undertaking to the State of Nebraska in such sum as the court or judge may direct and with such security as shall be approved by the clerk of the court for the faithful performance of his duty as such receiver, and to pay over all money, and account for all property which may come into his hands by virtue of his appointment, at such times and in such manner as the court may direct.


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Cross References

  • For other bond provisions, see section 25-1084.


  • Court may appoint receiver where garnishee abandons property to defendant. Northfield Knife Co. v. Shapleigh, 24 Neb. 635, 39 N.W. 788 (1888).