Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1008

Chapter 25


Attachment; order; execution; inventory; appraisement.

The order of attachment shall be executed by the sheriff without delay. He shall go to the place where defendant's property may be found, and there, in the presence of two residents of the county, declare that by virtue of said order he attaches said property at the suit of such plaintiff; and the officer, with the said residents, who shall be first sworn or affirmed by the officer, shall make a true inventory and appraisement of all the property attached, which shall be signed by the officer and residents and returned with the order. Where the property attached is real property, the officer shall leave with the occupant thereof, or, if there be no occupant, in a conspicuous place thereon, a copy of the order. Where it is personal property, and accessible, he shall take the same into his custody, and hold it subject to the order of the court.


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Cross References

  • Appraisers' fees, mileage, see section 33-122.


  • 1. Order

  • 2. Inventory

  • 3. Appraisement

  • 4. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Order

  • Where order of attachment was not executed in presence of two witnesses, dissolution of attachment was proper. Carlson v. Schroeder, 164 Neb. 443, 82 N.W.2d 416 (1957).

  • Order must be strictly followed; witnesses must be disinterested. Ames v. Parrott, 61 Neb. 847, 86 N.W. 503 (1901).

  • Leaving copy with occupant is sufficient, though he is not owner or lessee of land. Westervelt v. Hagge, 61 Neb. 647, 85 N.W. 852 (1901).

  • Levy in absence of witnesses is void. Citizens State Bank of Wood River v. Porter, 4 Neb. Unof. 73, 93 N.W. 391 (1903).

  • 2. Inventory

  • Inventory and appraisement are admissible in evidence in action against sheriff for conversion. Maul v. Drexel, 55 Neb. 446, 76 N.W. 163 (1898).

  • 3. Appraisement

  • Appraisement is neither limited to net value of interest of attachment debtors nor is such interest therein required to be separately appraised. Federal Farm Mort. Corp. v. Hughes, 137 Neb. 820, 291 N.W. 475 (1940).

  • Where several writs are levied, one appraisement is sufficient. Connelly and Duffy v. Edgerton and Miller, 22 Neb. 82, 34 N.W. 76 (1887).

  • 4. Miscellaneous

  • Sheriff's failure to take crop of standing corn into possession as required hereunder was excused by reason of snowstorm; judgment of contempt sustained. Leadabrand v. State, 121 Neb. 836, 238 N.W. 656 (1931).

  • In action for failure to levy, burden is on plaintiff to show debtor had seizable property and sheriff negligently failed to levy. Conway v. Magill, 53 Neb. 370, 73 N.W. 702 (1898).

  • Sheriff must take and keep possession of personal property or sureties are liable for loss. Deering & Co. v. Wisherd, 46 Neb. 720, 65 N.W. 788 (1896).

  • Posting copy where there is an occupant is void as to third persons. Shoemaker v. Harvey, 43 Neb. 75, 61 N.W. 109 (1894).

  • Failure to return order of attachment physically to the court file does not defeat the court's jurisdiction. Shoaff v. Gage, 163 F.Supp. 179 (D. Neb. 1958).