Nebraska Revised Statute 24-1101

Chapter 24


Court of Appeals; created; panels; judges; appointment; salary; other laws applicable.

(1) There is hereby created the Court of Appeals which shall consist of six judges. The court shall sit in panels of three judges to conduct the business of the court. The decision of a majority of the judges of the panel to which a case is submitted shall constitute the decision of the court for that case. The membership of the panels shall be assigned and regularly rotated by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals in such a manner as to provide each judge the opportunity to serve a proportionate amount of time with every other judge on the court.

(2) One judge of the Court of Appeals shall be appointed by the Governor from each Supreme Court judicial district. For purposes of this section, a judge's residence on the effective date of appointment shall be considered the judge's residence while he or she serves on the Court of Appeals. Prior to September 13, 1997, the Supreme Court shall each year select one judge of the Court of Appeals as Chief Judge. Upon the expiration of the term of the Chief Judge in office on September 13, 1997, and each two years thereafter, the judges of the Court of Appeals shall by majority vote nominate one of their number to be Chief Judge for the ensuing two years, which judge shall, upon the ratification of the selection by the Supreme Court, serve as Chief Judge for that two-year period.

(3) Judges of the Court of Appeals shall be paid an amount equal to ninety-five percent of the salary set for the Chief Justice and judges of the Supreme Court.

(4) Judges of the Court of Appeals shall be subject to the same provisions relating to selection, filling of a vacancy, term of office, discipline, removal from office, and retirement as are all other judges covered by Article V of the Constitution of Nebraska.


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