Nebraska Revised Statute 24-1007

Chapter 24


State Court Administrator; compile judicial workload statistics; how; juveniles in Nebraska's justice system; annual report; contents.

(1) The State Court Administrator shall compile uniform and accurate statistics which will assist in the evaluation of judicial workloads. The judicial workload statistics shall be based on caseload numbers weighted by category of case. The judicial workload statistics shall be compiled annually for each district, county, and separate juvenile court judicial district in the state.

(2) The State Court Administrator shall develop and provide an annual report to the Legislature and the Governor on juveniles in Nebraska's justice system. The report to the Legislature shall be provided electronically. For purposes of this section, juvenile has the same meaning as in section 43-245. The report shall include, but not be limited to, geographic and demographic information on the following:

(a) Juveniles prosecuted in juvenile court under subdivision (1), (2), (3)(b), or (4) of section 43-247, including the total number of filings and adjudications;

(b) Juveniles prosecuted in adult criminal court for felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses. The information shall include juveniles sentenced to terms in adult jails and prisons and juveniles placed on adult probation;

(c) The number of motions to transfer and the number of cases transferred to adult court from juvenile court and from adult criminal court to juvenile court;

(d) Juveniles placed on juvenile probation, the number of juveniles on probation in out-of-home care, the number of juveniles completing probation, the number of motions to revoke probation and probation revocations, and the average length of time on probation;

(e) Juveniles with and without access to counsel in juvenile and adult court, both appointed and retained; and

(f) Rates of recidivism.