Nebraska Revised Statute 23-819

Chapter 23


Public grounds and parks; improvement; statues, memorials, and works of art; erection and construction; gifts and bequests.

Any county shall have power to purchase, hold, and improve public grounds and parks within the limits of the county, to provide for the protection and preservation of the same, to provide for the planting and protection of shade or ornamental trees, to erect and construct or aid in the erection and construction of statues, memorials, and works of art upon any public grounds, and to receive donations and bequests of money or property for the above purposes in trust or otherwise.


  • Laws 1963, c. 107, § 1, p. 434.


  • Counties are empowered to acquire real estate by gift. Bowley v. City of Omaha, 181 Neb. 515, 149 N.W.2d 417 (1967).