Nebraska Revised Statute 23-416

Chapter 23


Human resources director; qualifications; duties; personnel records.

(1) The county board shall appoint a human resources director to help carry out the County Civil Service Commission Act. Such human resources director shall be a person experienced in the field of personnel administration and in known sympathy with the application of merit principles in public employment. The human resources director shall report to the county board. In addition to other duties imposed upon him or her by the county board, the human resources director shall:

(a) Apply and carry out the act and the rules and regulations thereunder;

(b) Attend meetings of the commission and act as its secretary and keep minutes of its proceedings;

(c) Establish and maintain a roster of all employees in the classified service which shall set forth the class title, pay, status, and other pertinent data for each employee;

(d) Appoint such employees and experts and special assistants as may be necessary;

(e) Foster and develop, in cooperation with appointing authorities and others, programs for the improvement of employee effectiveness, including, but not limited to, training, safety, health, counseling, and welfare;

(f) Encourage and exercise leadership in the development of effective personnel administration with the several county agencies, departments, and institutions; and

(g) Perform such other duties as he or she may consider necessary or desirable to carry out the purposes of the County Civil Service Commission Act.

(2) The human resources director shall require department heads to provide sufficient criteria to enable the commission to properly conduct employment examinations and shall require department heads to supply to the commission position classification plans, job descriptions, and job specifications.

(3) Individual personnel records shall be available for inspection only by the employee involved, the employee's department head, and such other persons as the commission shall authorize.