Nebraska Revised Statute 23-397

Chapter 23


Bridge construction and repair; bonds; issuance; election; procedure.

The county board of any county may issue and sell the general obligation bonds of such county in such amount as the county board may deem advisable for paying the costs of constructing, improving, reconstructing, and repairing bridges and bridge related roadway improvements upon public roads within or adjacent to such county. Such bonds shall bear interest at a rate or rates set by the county board and shall mature at such time or times as shall be set by the county board. No such bonds shall be issued until a proposition for their issuance shall have been submitted to the voters of such county at a general or special election called for such purpose and approved by a majority of the voters voting at such election. Such election may be called either by resolution of the county board or upon a petition submitted to the county board calling for an election. Such petition shall be signed by the legal voters of the county equal in number to ten percent of the number of votes cast in the county for the office of Governor at the most recent election at which the Governor was elected. Notice of any such election shall be given in the manner required for county election notices in section 23-126.


  • Laws 1982, LB 492, § 1.