Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3901

Chapter 23


Guardian ad litem division; created; division director; assistant guardians ad litem.

(1) A county board may create a county guardian ad litem division to carry out section 43-272.01.

(2) The county board shall appoint a division director for the guardian ad litem division. The division director shall be an attorney admitted to practice law in Nebraska with at least five years of Nebraska juvenile court experience as a guardian ad litem for children, including both trial and appellate practice experience, prior to appointment. The division director may appoint assistant guardians ad litem and other employees as are reasonably necessary to permit him or her to effectively and competently fulfill the responsibilities of the division, subject to the approval and consent of the county board. All assistant guardians ad litem shall be attorneys admitted to practice law in Nebraska and shall comply with all requirements of the Supreme Court relating to guardians ad litem.

(3) All assistant guardians ad litem employed by the division shall devote their full time to the work of the division and shall not engage in the private practice of law so long as each assistant guardian ad litem receives the same annual salary as each deputy county attorney of comparable ability and experience receives in such counties.

(4) The director and any assistant guardian ad litem employed by the division shall not solicit or accept any fee for representing a child in a case in which the director or the assistant guardian ad litem is already acting as the child's court-appointed guardian ad litem.