Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3701

Chapter 23


Auditor; duties.

In any county in which a city of the metropolitan class is located, the county board shall provide for an auditor who shall report directly to the county board. The auditor shall be the internal auditor of the county and shall examine or cause to be examined books, accounts, vouchers, records, expenditures, and information technology systems of all elected or appointed county officers and offices. Such examinations shall be done in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards set forth in the most recent Government Auditing Standards, published by the Comptroller General of the United States, Government Accountability Office. The auditor shall report promptly to the county board and the elected official whose office was the subject of the audit regarding the fiscal condition shown by such examination conducted by the auditor, including any irregularities or misconduct of officers or employees, any misappropriation or misuse of public funds or property, and any improper system or method of bookkeeping or condition of accounts.