Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3631

Chapter 23 Section 3631


Application to subdivide or plat; referral to urbanizing area planning commission; when.

After the county board formally adopts a map designating and delineating the area of future growth and development of each city and village in the county pursuant to section 23-3610, the county board shall refer to the urbanizing area planning commission of the county any application by an owner of real property seeking approval from the county to subdivide, plat, or lay out the real property in building lots, any of which are intended for use in whole or in part for the construction of structures to be used for residential purposes, for which the owner indicates an intent to seek connection to the sewerage disposal system and plant or plants of the county constructed pursuant to the County Industrial Sewer Construction Act.


  • Laws 1994, LB 1139, § 31.