Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3593

Chapter 23


Hospital authority; trustees; nominations; objections; hearing; findings; appointment.

The petitions for nomination of candidates for the office of trustee of an authority, and any written objections filed as provided in section 23-3592, if any, shall be heard by the county board without unnecessary delay. In arriving at its determination as to which of the candidates should be appointed to serve a six-year term on the board of trustees of the authority, the county board shall give due consideration to each nominee's general reputation in the community, his education and experience in areas such as education, medicine, hospital administration, business management, finance, law, engineering and other fields which might be of benefit to the authority, his background in public service activities, the amount of time and energy that he might be expected to be able to devote to the affairs of the authority and such other factors as the county board may deem relevant. At the conclusion of the hearing, the county board shall, within ten days, enter its order appointing such candidate or candidates as it shall have determined upon to serve a term of six years on the board of trustees of the authority, such term of office to continue until a successor has been appointed.


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