Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3583

Chapter 23


Hospital authority; formation; petitions; notice; contents.

Upon receipt of such petitions, the county clerk shall set the date for a hearing thereon, which shall not be less than twenty nor more than forty-five days from their date of filing, and cause notice thereof to be published on the same day in each of three successive weeks in one or more newspapers of general circulation throughout the area to be included in the proposed authority. Such notice shall contain a statement of the information contained in such petitions and of the date, time, and place at which such hearing shall be held before the board of county commissioners and that at such hearing proposals may be considered for the exclusion of land from or the inclusion of additional land in such proposed authority, and for designating as initial trustees persons other than those named in the petitions.


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  • R.S.1943, (1987), § 23-343.78.