Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3565

Chapter 23


Hospital districts; bonds; interest; levy; sinking fund.

The county board in each county shall levy annually upon all the taxable property in each hospital district in such county a tax sufficient to pay the interest accruing upon any bonds issued by such hospital district and to provide a sinking fund for the final redemption of the same. Such levy shall be made with the annual levy of the county and the taxes collected with other taxes and when collected shall be and remain in the hands of the county treasurer as a special fund for the payment of the interest upon such bonds and for the final payment of the same at maturity. The county clerk shall furnish a copy of his or her register to the county treasurer. The levy for the purpose of paying off such indebtedness providing a sinking fund for the final redemption of such indebtedness may be in addition to the levy provided for in section 23-3552.


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