Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3505

Chapter 23


Board of trustees; meetings; bylaws, rules, and regulations; employees; filing required; other duties.

The board of trustees shall:

(1) Hold meetings at least once each month and keep a complete record of all of its proceedings;

(2) Adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations for its own guidance and for the governance of a facility. The board of trustees shall file such bylaws, rules, and regulations with the county board;

(3) Employ or contract for an administrator of a facility, fix the administrator's compensation, and review the administrator's job performance on at least an annual basis. The administrator shall oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility and its employees;

(4) If a facility maintains a medical staff, adopt and approve medical staff bylaws that govern the medical staff of the facility, approve the appointment of a qualified medical staff, and oversee the quality of medical care and services provided at the facility;

(5) Manage and control a facility's funds in accordance with guidelines established for political subdivisions by the Nebraska Investment Council and invest such funds in investments as permitted for counties in the State of Nebraska;

(6) Fix the price to be charged to patients admitted to a facility for care and treatment;

(7) Establish charity-care policies for free treatment or financial assistance for care provided by a facility;

(8) Procure and pay premiums on any and all insurance policies required for the prudent management of a facility, including, but not limited to, general liability, professional malpractice liability, workers' compensation, vehicle liability, and directors' and officers' liability; and

(9) On or before July 15 of each year:

(a) File with the county board a report of its proceedings with reference to a facility and a statement of all receipts and expenditures during the year; and

(b) Certify the amount necessary, if any, to maintain and improve a facility for the ensuing year.

The treasurer of the board of trustees or his or her designee shall receive and pay out all money under the control of the board of trustees as ordered by the board and report such expenditures and receipts to the county board as required by subdivision (9)(a) of this section.


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