Nebraska Revised Statute 23-35,113

Chapter 23


Hospital authority; property; subject to foreclosure; exempt from execution and liens.

No interest of the authority in any property, real or personal, shall be subject to sale by foreclosure of a mortgage, trust indenture, or any other instrument thereon, or relating thereto, either through judicial proceedings or the exercise of a power of sale contained in such instrument. All property of the authority shall be exempt from levy and sale by virtue of an execution, and no execution or other judicial process shall issue against the same. No judgment against the authority shall be a charge or lien upon its property, real or personal. Nothing in this section shall limit or be construed as limiting the right of a holder of a bond to reduce such bond, or the interest thereon, to judgment in the event of the failure of the authority to pay the principal of or interest on such bond as and when the same become due, or to prohibit, or be construed as prohibiting, such holder from enforcing and collecting such judgment out of the revenue and other money of the authority pledged to the payment of such bond and the interest thereon.


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  • R.S.1943, (1987), § 23-343.113.