Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3407

Chapter 23


Public defender; contracting attorney; qualifications; experts; support staff; fees.

(1) The contracting attorney shall have been a practicing attorney for at least two years prior to entering into the contract with the county board, shall be a member in good standing of the Nebraska State Bar Association at the time the contract is executed, and shall have past training or experience in criminal law.

(2) The contracting attorney shall apply to the court which is hearing the case for fees to employ social workers, mental health professionals, forensic experts, investigators, and other support staff to perform tasks for which such support staff and experts possess special skills and which do not require legal credentials or experience. The court which is hearing the case shall allow reasonable fees for such experts and support staff, and the fees shall be paid by the county board. The contract between the county board and the contracting attorney shall not specify any sums of money for such experts or support staff.


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