Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3405

Chapter 23


Public defender; policy board created; members; duties.

(1) Prior to making the appointment and negotiating the contract provided for in section 23-3404, the county board of such county shall appoint a policy board which shall ensure the independence of the contracting attorney and provide the county board with expertise and support in such matters as criminal defense functions, determination of salary levels, determination of reasonable caseload standards, response to community and client concerns, and implementation of the contract. The policy board shall consist of three members. Two of the members shall be practicing attorneys, and one member shall be a layperson. The policy board shall not include judges, prosecutors, or law enforcement officials.

(2) The policy board shall: (a) Receive applications from all attorneys who wish to be a public defender; (b) screen the applications to insure compliance with sections 23-3404 to 23-3408; (c) forward the names of any qualified applicants to the county board which shall make the appointments from the list of qualified candidates; (d) recommend to the county board the level of compensation that the public defender should receive and further recommend any contract provisions consistent with such sections; and (e) monitor compliance with such sections, including any continuing legal education requirements.


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