Nebraska Revised Statute 23-320

Chapter 23


Levees; dikes; assessments; appeal to district court; procedure.

Any person who appeared and filed a remonstrance as to the benefits received by him or her through such improvement or as to the amount of his or her assessment before the supervisors or board of commissioners at the hearing as provided in section 23-313 shall be allowed an appeal to the district court of the county by the same procedure as is provided in section 31-412. On such appeal the only questions that shall be tried shall be the questions raised before the board by the remonstrance. On such trial the report of the engineer shall be admissible in evidence and nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing or permitting the stoppage, prevention, or delay of the proposed work. If more than one party appeals, the appeals shall be consolidated and tried together and the rights of each appellant separately determined. If the court finds for any appellant upon his or her remonstrance, it shall amend the report and the schedule of the assessment in accordance with its finding. The amended report and schedule shall be filed with the county clerk and a copy forwarded to the Director-State Engineer. If on appeal the court finds against the remonstrants, it shall dismiss the appeal at the cost of appellant.


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