Nebraska Revised Statute 23-310

Chapter 23


Levees; dikes; petition of landowners; contents; filing.

Such board of supervisors or county commissioners shall act only upon a written petition signed by the owners of the majority of the land likely to be affected by the proposed levee, dike, bank protection or current control. The petition shall set forth the necessity for the levee, dike, bank protection or current control, a description of its proposed location, and a general statement of the territory likely to be benefited or affected thereby. The petition shall be accompanied by a bond with sufficient surety or sureties to be approved by the county clerk of said county, conditioned to pay all expenses incurred in case the board does not grant the petition. Such petition may be presented at any regular or special meeting of the board and if sufficient in form the board shall order the same to be filed with the county clerk of said county.


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