Nebraska Revised Statute 23-299

Chapter 23 Section 299


Township organization; cessation; town records; indebtedness and unexpended balances; how discharged.

When township organization is discontinued in any county, the town clerk in each town in such county, as soon as the county board of commissioners is qualified pursuant to section 23-297, shall deposit with the county clerk of the county all town records, papers, and documents pertaining to the affairs of such town and certify to the county clerk the amount of indebtedness of such town outstanding at the time of such discontinuance. The county board shall have full and complete power to settle all the unfinished business of the town as fully as might have been done by the town itself and to dispose of any and all property belonging to such town, the proceeds of which, after paying all indebtedness, shall be disposed of by the county board for the benefit of the taxable inhabitants thereof by such board crediting all unexpended balances of the town to the district road fund and in no other manner. The county board, at such time as provided by law, shall levy a tax upon the taxable property of such town to pay any unliquidated indebtedness it may have outstanding.


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