Nebraska Revised Statute 23-2909

Chapter 23 Section 2909


Board of trustees; budget statement; tax; levied; warrants.

The board of trustees shall annually fix the amount of money for the proposed budget statement as may be deemed sufficient and necessary for carrying out the proposed policy in regard to the contemplated building or buildings for the ensuing fiscal year. After the adoption of the district's budget statement, the president and secretary shall certify the amount to be received from taxation, according to the adopted budget statement, to the proper county clerk or county clerks and the proper county board or boards which may levy a tax subject to section 77-3443, not to exceed the amount so certified nor to exceed one and seven-tenths cents on each one hundred dollars upon the taxable value of all the taxable property in such district, for the acquisition or maintenance of the building or buildings in the district for the fiscal year as provided by law. Such tax shall be collected as other taxes are collected in the county by the county treasurer, shall be placed to the credit of the district so authorizing the same, and shall be paid to the treasurer of the district upon warrants drawn upon the fund by the board of trustees of the district. Such warrants shall bear the signature of the president and the countersignature of the secretary of the district. The amount of the tax levy shall not exceed the amount of funds required to defray the expenses of the district for a period of one year as set forth in the adopted budget statement.


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