Nebraska Revised Statute 23-2540

Chapter 23 Section 2540


County personnel officer; powers.

In addition to other duties imposed upon a county personnel officer, if appointed, a county personnel officer may:

(1) Attend meetings of the personnel policy board and act as its secretary and keep minutes of its proceedings;

(2) Establish and maintain a roster of all employees in the classified service in which there shall be set forth as to each employee the class title, pay or status, and other pertinent data;

(3) Establish and maintain a central record-keeping system for all county personnel records;

(4) Foster and develop, in cooperation with appointing authorities and others, programs for the improvement of employee effectiveness, including training, safety, health, counseling, and welfare;

(5) Encourage and exercise leadership in the development of effective personnel administration with the several county agencies, departments, and institutions; and

(6) Perform such other lawful acts as the personnel policy board may direct.


  • Laws 1994, LB 212, § 7.