Nebraska Revised Statute 23-252

Chapter 23 Section 252


Town board; accounts and claims; audit; annual statement.

In each town, the clerk, the treasurer, and the chairperson of the board shall examine the accounts of the overseers of highways for money received and disbursed by them and shall require all officers to account to such board for any and all such money received and disbursed by such officers in their official capacity. Such board shall examine and audit all charges and claims against the town and the compensation of all town officers. In case of the absence of any of such officers or their failure to attend any meeting of the board, the two attending may appoint any qualified elector to act with them in the place of the absentee, and the appointee shall act, only for such meeting, in the place of such absentee as a member of such board. Each township shall make an annual budget statement as set out in the Nebraska Budget Act. At its expense, the county board may require an audit of the accounts of any township within the county, whenever in its judgment such audit is necessary. The county board may contract with the Auditor of Public Accounts or select a licensed public accountant or certified public accountant or firm of such accountants to conduct the audit. The original copy of the audit shall be filed in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Budget Act, see section 13-501.


  • Although each township has a township board and township officers, each of which has statutorily prescribed powers and duties, the powers of the township are exercised through direct local self-government. Butler County Dairy v. Butler County, 285 Neb. 408, 827 N.W.2d 267 (2013).