Nebraska Revised Statute 23-228

Chapter 23


Annual town meeting; additional powers of electors.

The electors of each town shall have power at their annual town meetings to elect such town officers as may be required to be chosen to direct the institution and defense of suits at law or equity in which such town may be a party in interest; to direct such sum to be raised in such town for the support and maintenance of roads and bridges, or for any other purpose provided by law as they deem necessary; to take measures and give directions for the exercise of their corporate powers; to impose penalties upon persons offending against any such regulations; and to make rules, regulations, and bylaws necessary to carry into effect the powers herein granted.


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  • Although each township has a township board and township officers, each of which has statutorily prescribed powers and duties, the powers of the township are exercised through direct local self-government. Butler County Dairy v. Butler County, 285 Neb. 408, 827 N.W.2d 267 (2013).

  • Township is given power to direct the raising of money by taxation for the construction and repairing of roads within the township, and to make contracts necessary to the exercise of such power. State v. Bone Creek Township, 109 Neb. 202, 190 N.W. 586 (1922).

  • In counties under township organization, duty to keep ordinary township highways and culverts in repair is imposed on townships. Goes v. Gage County, 67 Neb. 616, 93 N.W. 923 (1903).