Nebraska Revised Statute 23-215

Chapter 23


Town clerk and treasurer; qualifications; bond.

The county board shall on or before the third Tuesday in December following the adoption of township organization, appoint for each township one town clerk and one treasurer who are qualified electors residing in the township. Such persons so appointed shall on or before the first Tuesday in January next ensuing take the oath of office and give bond as provided by law. The county board shall approve such bonds at its January meeting or shall meet and approve all bonds given to fill vacancies provided for in this section and section 23-214 before the first day of April next ensuing. In the event the persons appointed shall fail or refuse to qualify by the time named above, the county board shall name some other person or persons possessing the qualifications mentioned in this section. The persons so appointed shall qualify and hold their offices for the term.


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  • Although each township has a township board and township officers, each of which has statutorily prescribed powers and duties, the powers of the township are exercised through direct local self-government. Butler County Dairy v. Butler County, 285 Neb. 408, 827 N.W.2d 267 (2013).