Nebraska Revised Statute 23-2001

Chapter 23


County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; grounds.

All county officers may be charged, tried, and removed from office, in the manner hereinafter provided, for (1) habitual or willful neglect of duty, (2) extortion, (3) corruption, (4) willful maladministration in office, (5) conviction of a felony, (6) habitual drunkenness, or (7) official misconduct as defined in section 28-924.



  • Failure by a county attorney to reside in the county he or she holds office is not official misconduct. Hynes v. Hogan, 251 Neb. 404, 558 N.W.2d 35 (1997).

  • A constitutional officer may only be removed by impeachment as provided in Constitution of Nebraska, and the Legislature may not provide for suspension or removal of such officer. Laverty v. Cochran, 132 Neb. 118, 271 N.W. 354 (1936).

  • If, pending appeal, the term of defendant expires, appeal will be dismissed. McCarter v. Lavery, 101 Neb. 748, 164 N.W. 1054 (1917).

  • Actions hereunder are penal in nature and to justify removal under first and sixth subdivisions, it must be shown that acts were performed with evil intent or legal malice. Hiatt v. Tomlinson, 100 Neb. 51, 158 N.W. 383 (1916).

  • The only method of removing county judge from office is by impeachment, as provided in section 14, Article III, Constitution of Nebraska. Conroy v. Hallowell, 94 Neb. 794, 144 N.W. 895 (1913).

  • Where county treasurer is reelected, failure of county board to remove him from office for failure to account for funds does not preclude suit on bond. Thomssen v. Hall County, 63 Neb. 777, 89 N.W. 389 (1902), 57 L.R.A. 303 (1902).