Nebraska Revised Statute 23-190

Chapter 23 Section 190


County ordinance; reading by title; suspension of requirement; adoption; vote required; revision or amendment.

(1) A county ordinance shall be read by title on three different days unless three-fourths of the county board members, following the public hearing on the ordinance, vote to suspend this requirement. If such requirement is suspended, the ordinance shall be read by title or number and then moved for final adoption. Three-fourths of the county board members may require a reading of any such ordinance in full before adoption under either procedure set out in this section. The votes of each member shall be called aloud and recorded. To adopt any ordinance, the concurrence of a majority of the whole number of the members of the county board shall be required.

(2) A county ordinance shall contain no subject which is not clearly expressed in the title, and no ordinance or section thereof shall be revised or amended unless the new ordinance contains the entire ordinance or section as revised or amended and the ordinance or section that is amended is repealed.