Nebraska Revised Statute 23-1527

Chapter 23


Bankruptcy proceedings; recording; fee.

A certified copy of a petition, with schedules omitted, commencing a proceeding under the laws of the United States relating to bankruptcy or a certified copy of the decree of adjudication or a certified copy of an order approving the bond of the trustee appointed in such proceedings shall be filed, indexed, and recorded in the office of the register of deeds of the county in which is located real property in which the bankrupt has an interest in the same manner as federal liens are filed, indexed, and recorded pursuant to the Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act. The filing fee for such recording shall be the same as the fee for filing and recording as set forth in section 9-525, Uniform Commercial Code. The register of deeds shall file the notices in a file kept for such purpose and designated Notice of Bankruptcy Proceedings, except that in offices filing by the roll form of microfilm pursuant to section 23-1517.01, the original notices need not be retained.


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Cross References

  • For fees for filing and recording federal tax liens, see section 52-1004.
  • Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act, see section 52-1007.