Nebraska Revised Statute 23-137

Chapter 23


Claims; appeal; record; trial; costs.

The clerk of the board, upon such appeal being taken and being paid the proper fees therefor, shall make out a complete transcript of the proceedings of the board relating to the matter of its decision and shall deliver it to the clerk of the district court. The appeal shall be entered, tried, and determined and costs awarded in the manner provided in sections 25-1901 to 25-1937.


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  • In order to perfect an appeal to the district court from a county board of equalization, all activities necessary, including the filing of notice of appeal, must be carried out within forty-five days of the adjournment of the board. Knoefler Honey Farms v. County of Sherman, 193 Neb. 95, 225 N.W.2d 855 (1975).

  • Cited but not discussed. Clark v. Sweet, 183 Neb. 723, 163 N.W.2d 881 (1969).

  • Procedure for appeal to the district court from action of a county board of equalization is that prescribed for appeal from justice of peace court to the district court. Nebraska Conf. Assn. Seventh Day Adventists v. County of Hall, 166 Neb. 588, 90 N.W.2d 50 (1958).

  • Delivery of the warrant in suit prior to lapse of time for taking taxpayer's appeal, in violation of statute, does not affect taxpayer's right of appeal. Beadle v. Harmon, 130 Neb. 389, 265 N.W. 18 (1936).

  • District court acquires jurisdiction by appeal from county board's disallowance of claim where claimant gives notice of appeal, furnishes appeal bond and files transcript in office of clerk of district court within time, though the petition on appeal is not filed until a later date. Myers v. Hall County, 130 Neb. 13, 263 N.W. 486 (1935).

  • An appeal from an order of the county board allowing a claim brings the action to the district court for trial de novo. Campbell Co. v. Boyd County, 117 Neb. 186, 220 N.W. 240 (1928).

  • Duty to prepare properly and file transcript is primarily enjoined upon county clerk and not upon claimant. Bartlett v. Dahlsten, 104 Neb. 738, 178 N.W. 636 (1920).

  • District court should not try appeal until issues are joined by pleadings. Loup County v. Wirsig, 73 Neb. 505, 103 N.W. 56 (1905); Haskell v. Valley County, 41 Neb. 234, 59 N.W. 680 (1894).