Nebraska Revised Statute 23-1313

Chapter 23


Name of farm, ranch, or home; registration.

The owner of any farm, ranch, or home may, upon the payment of one dollar to the county clerk of the county in which such farm, ranch, or home is located, have the name of the farm, ranch, or home duly recorded in a register to be kept by the county clerk for that purpose and may receive a certificate, under the seal of such office, setting forth the name of the farm, ranch, or home, its description by the United States survey, and the name of the owner. When any name of a farm, ranch, or home has been so recorded, such name shall not be recorded as the name of any other farm, ranch, or home in the same county unless plain designating words are prefixed, affixed, or both prefixed and affixed to the name. Upon the recording of a certified transfer of a name by the owner of the farm, ranch, or home, the certified transfer shall be made an additional part of the records so kept.


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