Nebraska Revised Statute 23-104.05

Chapter 23


Commission on the status of women; purposes.

The purpose of a commission established under section 23-104.04 shall be to emphasize studying the changing and developing roles of women in American society including:

(1) Recognition of socioeconomic factors that influence the status of women;

(2) Development of individual potential;

(3) Encouragement of women to utilize their capabilities and assume leadership roles;

(4) Coordination of efforts of numerous women's organizations interested in the welfare of women;

(5) Identification and recognition of contributions made by Nebraska women to the community, state, and nation;

(6) Implementation of this section when improved working conditions, financial security, and legal status of both sexes are involved; and

(7) Promotion of legislation to improve any situation when implementation of subdivisions (1) to (6) of this section indicates a need for change.


  • Laws 1980, LB 780, § 2.