Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2989

Chapter 21


Winding up of activities.

(1) A limited cooperative association continues after dissolution only for purposes of winding up its activities.

(2) In winding up its activities, the limited cooperative association shall:

(a) Discharge its liabilities, settle and close its activities, and marshal and distribute its assets; and

(b) File articles of dissolution indicating it is winding up, preserve the limited cooperative association or its property as a going concern for a reasonable time, prosecute and defend actions and proceedings, transfer limited cooperative association property, settle disputes by mediation or arbitration, and perform other necessary acts.

(3) On the application of the limited cooperative association, any member, or a holder of financial rights the district court may order judicial supervision of the winding up, including the appointment of a person to wind up the dissolved limited cooperative association's activities, if:

(a) After a reasonable time, the limited cooperative association has not executed winding up under subsection (2) of this section; or

(b) The applicant establishes other good cause.