Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2928

Chapter 21 Section 2928



(1) The bylaws shall be in a record and, if not stated in the articles of organization, include:

(a) A statement of the capital structure of the limited cooperative association, including a statement of the classes and relative rights, preferences, and restrictions granted to or imposed upon each group, class, or other type of member interest, the rights to share in profits or distributions of the limited cooperative association, and the method to admit members;

(b) A statement designating the voting and governance rights, including which members have voting power and any limitations or restrictions on the voting power under sections 21-2939 and 21-2942;

(c) A statement that member interests held by a member are transferable only with the approval of the board of directors or as otherwise provided in the articles of organization or bylaws; and

(d) If investor members are authorized, a statement concerning how profits and losses are apportioned and how distributions are made as between patron members and investor members.

(2) The bylaws of the limited cooperative association may contain any provision for managing and regulating the affairs of the limited cooperative association which is not inconsistent with the articles of organization.