Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2301

Chapter 21


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nebraska Industrial Development Corporation Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Corporation means any corporation organized pursuant to the act;

(2) Local political subdivision means any county or any city of the metropolitan class; and

(3) Project means any land and any building or other improvement on the land, and all real and personal properties deemed necessary in connection therewith, whether or not now in existence, which shall be suitable for use by the following or by any combination of two or more of the following: (a) Any industry for the manufacturing, processing, or assembling of any agricultural, manufactured, or mineral products, (b) any commercial enterprise in storing, warehousing, distributing, or selling any products of agriculture, mining, or industry, or (c) any enterprise for research in connection with any of the foregoing or for the purpose of developing new products or new processes or improving existing products or known processes, or for the purpose of aiding in the development of facilities for the exploration of outer space or promoting the national defense, but shall not include facilities designed for the sale or distribution to the public of electricity, gas, water, telephone, or other services commonly classified as public utilities.


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