Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2,126

Chapter 21 Section 2,126


Required approvals.

(MBCA 9.02) (a) If a domestic or foreign business corporation or eligible entity may not be a party to a merger without the approval of the Attorney General, the Department of Banking and Finance, the Department of Insurance, or the Public Service Commission, the corporation or eligible entity shall not be a party to a transaction under sections 21-2,125 to 21-2,149 without the prior approval of that agency.

(b) Property held in trust or for charitable purposes under the laws of this state by a domestic or foreign eligible entity shall not, by any transaction under sections 21-2,125 to 21-2,149, be diverted from the objects for which it was donated, granted, or devised unless and until the eligible entity obtains an order of the court specifying the disposition of the property to the extent required by and pursuant to cy pres or other nondiversion law of this state.