Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1927

Chapter 21



(a)(1) Every corporation incorporated under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act has the purpose of engaging in any lawful activity unless a more limited purpose is set forth in the articles of incorporation.

(2) A corporation engaging in an activity that is subject to regulation under another statute of this state may incorporate under the act only if incorporation under the act is not prohibited by the other statute. The corporation shall be subject to all limitations of the other statute.

(b) Corporations may be incorporated under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act for any one or more of, but not limited to, the following lawful purposes: Charitable; benevolent; eleemosynary; educational; civic; patriotic; political; religious; social; fraternal; literary; cultural; athletic; scientific; agricultural; horticultural; animal husbandry; and professional, commercial, industrial, or trade association. Corporations may also be incorporated under the act for the purpose of providing for, erecting, owning, leasing, furnishing, and managing any building, hall, dormitory or apartments, lands, or grounds for the use or benefit in whole or in part of any governmental, religious, social, educational, scientific, fraternal, or charitable society or societies, body or bodies, institution or institutions, incorporated or unincorporated, or for the purpose of holding property of any nature in trust for such society, body, or institution or for the purpose of assisting any governmental body in obtaining grants from the federal government, the performance of any requirements necessary to obtain a federal grant, or carrying out the purpose for which a federal grant is obtained.