Nebraska Revised Statute 21-182

Chapter 21


Effect of domestication.

(RULLCA 1013) (a) When a domestication takes effect:

(1) the domesticated company is for all purposes the company that existed before the domestication;

(2) all property owned by the domesticating company remains vested in the domesticated company;

(3) all debts, obligations, or other liabilities of the domesticating company continue as debts, obligations, or other liabilities of the domesticated company;

(4) an action or proceeding pending by or against a domesticating company may be continued as if the domestication had not occurred;

(5) except as prohibited by other law, all of the rights, privileges, immunities, powers, and purposes of the domesticating company remain vested in the domesticated company;

(6) except as otherwise provided in the plan of domestication, the terms and conditions of the plan of domestication take effect; and

(7) except as otherwise agreed, the domestication does not dissolve a domesticating limited liability company for the purposes of sections 21-147 to 21-154.

(b) A domesticated company that is a foreign limited liability company consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state to enforce any debt, obligation, or other liability owed by the domesticating company, if, before the domestication, the domesticating company was subject to suit in this state on the debt, obligation, or other liability.

(c) If a limited liability company has adopted and approved a plan of domestication under section 21-179 providing for the company to be domesticated in a foreign jurisdiction, a statement surrendering the company's certificate of organization must be delivered to the Secretary of State for filing setting forth:

(1) the name of the company;

(2) a statement that the certificate of organization is being surrendered in connection with the domestication of the company in a foreign jurisdiction;

(3) a statement that the domestication was approved as required by the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act; and

(4) the jurisdiction of formation of the domesticated foreign limited liability company.