Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1796

Chapter 21


Loans to officials.

(1) A credit union may, if permitted by its bylaws, make loans to its officials, employees, and loan officers if the loan complies with all lawful requirements under the Credit Union Act with respect to other members and is not on terms more favorable than those extended to other members.

(2) If permitted in its bylaws, a credit union may permit its officials, employees, and loan officers to act as comakers, guarantors, or endorsers of loans to members of their immediate families, but not otherwise.

(3) No loan applicant may pass on his or her own loan. In the case of a loan to the chief executive officer, the loan must be approved by the board of directors, an executive committee, or the credit committee, if the credit union has a credit committee, as specified in the bylaws.

(4) The board of directors shall establish a policy on loans to officials and employees of a credit union if such loans are permitted in the bylaws.