Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1750

Chapter 21


Voting rights.

(1) In any election or other membership vote, a member shall have only one vote, irrespective of the member's shareholdings. No member may vote by proxy, but a member other than an individual may vote through an agent designated for that purpose. Members may also vote by absentee ballot, mail, or other method if the bylaws of the credit union so provide.

(2) The board of directors may establish a minimum age of not greater than eighteen years as a qualification of eligibility to vote at meetings of members of the credit union, to hold office, or both.

(3) An organization having membership in the credit union may be represented and have its vote cast by one of its members or shareholders if such person has been so authorized by the organization's governing body.

(4) In elections when more than one office of the same type is being filled, the member shall have as many votes as there are offices being filled, but the member shall not cast more than one of these votes for any one candidate.