Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1736

Chapter 21 Section 1736



(1) The director shall examine or cause to be examined each credit union as often as deemed necessary. Each credit union and all of its officials and agents shall give the director or any of the examiners appointed by him or her free and full access to all books, papers, securities, and other sources of information relative to such credit union. For purposes of the examination, the director may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, compel the giving of testimony, and require the submission of documents.

(2) The department shall forward a report of the examination to the chairperson of the board of directors within ninety calendar days after completion. The report shall contain comments relative to the management of the affairs of the credit union and the general condition of its assets. Within ninety calendar days after the receipt of such report, the members of the board of directors and the members of the supervisory committee and credit committee, if any, shall meet to consider the matters contained in the report.

(3) The director may require special examinations of and special financial reports from a credit union or a credit union service organization in which a credit union loans, invests, or delegates substantially all managerial duties and responsibilities when he or she determines that such examinations and reports are necessary to enable the director to determine the safety of a credit union's operations or its solvency. The cost to the department of such special examinations shall be borne by the credit union being examined.

(4) The director may accept, in lieu of any examination of a credit union authorized by the laws of this state, a report of an examination made of a credit union by the National Credit Union Administration or may examine any such credit union jointly with such federal agency. The director may make available to the National Credit Union Administration copies of reports of any examination or any information furnished to or obtained by the director in any examination.