Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1734

Chapter 21


Corrective measures; receivership proceedings.

(1) If it appears that any credit union is bankrupt or insolvent, that it has willfully violated the Credit Union Act, or that it is operating in an unsafe or unsound manner, the director may require such corrective measures in accordance with sections 8-1,134 to 8-1,139 as he or she may deem necessary or take possession of the property and business of such credit union and retain possession thereof until such time as he or she determines either to permit the credit union to resume business or to order its dissolution. In the event the director orders its dissolution, the credit union shall be liquidated in receivership proceedings in the same manner, as nearly as may be possible, as provided by the laws governing the liquidation of state banks.

(2) Pursuant to section 21-1735, the director may appoint the National Credit Union Administration Board as receiver or liquidator of the assets and liabilities of any credit union in the possession of the director. The appointment shall be subject to the approval of the district court of the judicial district in which the credit union has its principal place of business.

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