Nebraska Revised Statute 20-340

Chapter 20


Civil action in lieu of hearing; relief authorized.

(1) If an election is made under section 20-335 to have the claims asserted in the charge decided in a civil action, the commission shall authorize, and not later than thirty days after the election is made the Attorney General shall commence and maintain, a civil action on behalf of the aggrieved person in the appropriate district court seeking relief under this section.

(2) Any aggrieved person with respect to the issues to be determined in a civil action under this section may intervene as of right.

(3) In a civil action under this section, if the court finds that a discriminatory housing practice has occurred or is about to occur, the court may grant any relief which a court could grant with respect to such discriminatory housing practice in a civil action under section 20-342. Any relief so granted that would accrue to an aggrieved person in such a civil action shall also accrue to that aggrieved person in a civil action under this section. If monetary relief is sought for the benefit of an aggrieved person who does not intervene in the civil action, the court shall not award such relief if that aggrieved person has not complied with discovery orders entered by the court.


  • Laws 1991, LB 825, § 41.


  • The 30-day limitation of this section is mandatory and not directory. State, Neb. Equal Opportunity Com'n ex rel. Minter v. Jensen, 259 Neb. 275, 609 N.W.2d 362 (2000).