Nebraska Revised Statute 20-327

Chapter 20


Complaint; conciliation; conciliation agreement; effect.

(1) During the period beginning with the filing of the complaint and ending with the issuance of a charge or a dismissal by the commission, the commission shall, to the extent feasible, engage in conciliation with respect to the complaint.

(2) A conciliation agreement shall be an agreement between the complainant and the respondent and shall be subject to the approval of the members of the commission, which approval may not be delegated.

(3) A conciliation agreement arising out of such conciliation shall be an agreement between the respondent and the complainant and shall be subject to approval by the commission.

(4) A conciliation agreement may provide for binding arbitration of the dispute arising from the complaint. Any such arbitration that results from a conciliation agreement may award appropriate relief, including monetary relief.

(5) Each conciliation agreement shall be made public unless the complainant and respondent otherwise agree and the commission determines that disclosure is not required to further the purposes of the Nebraska Fair Housing Act.

(6) A conciliation agreement between a respondent and complainant which has been approved by the commission shall not be deemed an adjudication that the respondent has committed a discriminatory housing practice nor shall the conciliation agreement be the subject of an order for relief under section 20-337, unless the conciliation agreement is entered after an adjudication pursuant to an administrative proceeding or a civil action pursuant to state or federal law in which the respondent was found to have committed a discriminatory housing practice.