Nebraska Revised Statute 20-165

Chapter 20 Section 165


Records; redisclosure; conditions.

No record nor the contents of any record which identify or can be readily associated with the identity of the subject of the record shall be redisclosed by the protection and advocacy system without the specific written authorization of the subject or the subject's legally authorized representative. The protection and advocacy system shall provide seven days' advance written notice to the facility from which the records were received of its intent to redisclose such records, during which time the facility may seek to judicially enjoin such disclosure on the grounds that such disclosure is contrary to the interests of the subject of the record. Seven days' advance written notice to the facility shall not be required if redisclosure of such records is to an entity with legal authority to act to protect the legal and human rights of the subject of such records.


  • Laws 1988, LB 697, § 5.