Nebraska Revised Statute 2-945.02

Chapter 2


Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(1) The failure to control noxious weeds on lands in this state is a serious problem which is detrimental to the production of crops and livestock and to the welfare of residents of this state and which may devalue land and reduce tax revenue;

(2) It is the purpose of the Noxious Weed Control Act to establish a workable framework, delineate responsibilities, encourage education of the public concerning noxious weeds, and provide the necessary authority to effectively control noxious weeds;

(3) It is the duty of each person who owns or controls land to effectively control noxious weeds on such land. County boards or control authorities are responsible for administration of noxious weed control laws at the county level;

(4) The Department of Agriculture should have responsibility for (a) establishing basic standards such as designating which plants are to be considered noxious weeds and which control measures are to be used in particular situations and (b) monitoring implementation of the act by the control authorities; and

(5) A state noxious weed advisory committee shall be convened by the director with broad representation to advise the director.


  • Laws 1989, LB 49, § 2.