Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4902

Chapter 2


Climate Assessment Response Committee; duties.

The Climate Assessment Response Committee shall:

(1) Provide timely and systematic data collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about drought and other severe climate occurrences to the Governor and to other interested persons;

(2) Provide the Governor and other interested persons with information and advice relevant to requests for federal disaster declarations and to the use of funds and other types of assistance available to the state because of such declarations;

(3) Establish criteria for startup and shutdown of various assessment and response activities by state and federal agencies during drought and other climate-related emergencies;

(4) Provide an organizational structure that assures information flow and defines the duties and responsibilities of all agencies during times of drought and climate-related emergencies;

(5) Maintain a current inventory of state and federal agency responsibilities in assessing and responding to drought and other climate-related emergencies;

(6) Provide a mechanism for the improvement of methods of assessing impacts of drought on agriculture and industry;

(7) Provide such other coordination and communication among federal and state agencies as is deemed appropriate by such committee;

(8) Provide the Governor and other interested persons with information and research on the impacts of cyclical climate change in Nebraska, including impacts on physical, ecological, and economic areas, and attempt to anticipate the unintended consequences of climate adaptation and mitigation;

(9) Facilitate communication between stakeholders and the state about cyclical climate change impacts and response strategies;

(10) By December 1, 2014, provide a report on cyclical climate change in Nebraska to the Governor and electronically to the Legislature which includes key points, overarching recommendations, and options that emerge from other reports and recommendations submitted to the Climate Assessment Response Committee; and

(11) Perform such other climate-related assessment and response functions as are desired by the Governor.