Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4322

Chapter 2


Registration; license; when required; application; license fee.

(1) Each separately identified agricultural liming material shall be registered before being distributed in this state. The person who first causes the distribution of the agricultural liming material into or within this state shall be responsible for compliance with the registration requirements of this section. The application for registration shall be submitted to the department on forms furnished and approved by the department. Upon approval by the department a copy of the registration shall be furnished to the applicant. All registrations shall expire on December 31 of the same year. Agricultural lime slurry as defined in section 2-4316 shall be exempt from the registration requirements of this section.

A person shall not be required to register any brand of agricultural liming material which is already registered pursuant to the Agricultural Liming Materials Act by another person.

(2) Any out-of-state manufacturer, distributor, or retailer who has no distribution facility within this state shall obtain a registration for its principal out-of-state office if it markets or distributes agricultural liming materials in the State of Nebraska.

(3) Every manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of agricultural liming materials to be distributed in this state shall file with the department an application for a license on or before January 1 of each year or prior to manufacture, distribution, or sale of such liming materials. Upon acceptance of the application and proper fee, the department shall issue a license for the current year. The annual license fee shall be five dollars and the license shall expire on December 31 of the same year.


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