Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4235

Chapter 2


Capital reserve fund; withdrawals; when; income or interest earned; use.

Money in any capital reserve fund, if such fund is created, shall not be withdrawn therefrom at any time in an amount that would reduce the level of money in such fund to less than the applicable capital reserve fund requirement, as such requirement is defined in the trust indenture creating the same, except for the purposes of paying the principal and the redemption price of or interest on the bonds and the sinking fund payment with respect to the bonds, as the same become due, and for the payment of which other money of the corporation is not available. Any income or interest earned by the investment of money held in any such capital reserve fund may be transferred by the corporation to other funds or accounts of the corporation to the extent that the transfer does not reduce the amount of such capital reserve fund to below the capital reserve fund requirement applicable thereto.


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  • Laws 1983, LB 20, § 14.