Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4204

Chapter 2


Terms, defined.

As used in the Conservation Corporation Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Conservation practice shall mean any work of improvement to farm and ranch land made by a landowner to protect or enhance agricultural productivity by controlling soil erosion or reducing sediment damage;

(2) Conservation loan shall mean a loan made by the corporation or a lender to a landowner to assist the landowner in the implementation of land treatment and water conservation practices;

(3) Corporation shall mean the Nebraska Conservation Corporation created by section 2-4205;

(4) Bond shall mean any bonds, notes, debentures, interim certificates, bond anticipation notes, or other evidences of financial indebtedness issued by the corporation;

(5) Landowner shall mean any resident of the state, any partnership of which eighty percent or more of the partnership interest is owned by residents of the state, any limited liability company of which eighty percent or more of the membership is owned by residents of the state, or any corporation of which more than eighty percent of the shares are owned by residents of the state, which resident, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation owns real estate in Nebraska which is utilized in the production of crops or raising of livestock;

(6) Mortgage shall mean a mortgage deed, deed of trust, or other instrument securing a conservation loan and constituting a lien on the real property or on the leasehold interest under a lease having a remaining term, at the time such mortgage is acquired, of not less than a term for repayment of the conservation loan secured by such mortgage, which is improved by conservation practices;

(7) Insurer shall mean an agency, department, administration, or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of or in any government agency in general, any private insurance company, or any other public or private agency which insures or guarantees payment of debt service on loans or bonds;

(8) Lender or lending institution shall mean any bank, trust company, savings and loan association, mortgage banker, insurance company, federal agency, or other financial institutions authorized to transact business in the State of Nebraska;

(9) Loan shall mean an interest-bearing obligation evidencing the money borrowed from the corporation;

(10) Board of directors shall mean the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts as organized under the Interlocal Cooperation Act which shall serve as the board of directors for the corporation. Such board shall consist of one representative director from each natural resources district in Nebraska. Selection and terms of office of such board of directors shall be governed by the interlocal cooperation agreement and by the articles and bylaws of such organization;

(11) Administrator shall mean the person appointed by the board of directors pursuant to section 2-4208;

(12) Natural resource development practice shall mean any work or program of improvement undertaken by a political subdivision, within its authorized powers, relating to soil erosion prevention and control; prevention and control of damage from storm water, flood water, and sediment; soil conservation; water supply for beneficial uses; management and conservation of ground water and surface water; pollution control; sanitary and solid waste disposal; drainage improvement and channel rectification; development and management of fish and wildlife habitat; development and management of recreational and park facilities; and forestry and range management;

(13) Natural resource development loan shall mean a loan made by the corporation to a political subdivision to assist the political subdivision with any natural resource development practice; and

(14) Political subdivision shall mean any natural resources district, drainage district, rural water district, irrigation district, public power and irrigation district, county, city, or village of the State of Nebraska.


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Cross References

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act, see section 13-801.