Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4005

Chapter 2


Board; appointment of members; procedure.

Members shall be appointed to the board on a nonpartisan basis. Candidates for appointment to the board may place their names on a candidacy list for the respective district or for at-large appointment by submitting to the board an application for gubernatorial appointment obtained from the Governor's office, a statement of interest in serving on the board, two letters of endorsement of the candidate's appointment by grain sorghum growers, and documentation substantiating qualification to serve as a member of the board. The board may publish guidelines regarding the forms of documentation suitable to substantiate qualification to serve on the board. The board shall perform a review of each candidate's qualification to serve and shall without undue delay forward all applications for appointment to the Governor along with the board's assessment of the candidate's qualification to serve the appointment. Qualified individuals residing within their district shall be eligible for nomination as candidates from such district, and qualified individuals residing in the state shall be eligible for at-large appointment.